As Storms Roll Through NYC, 3 People Struck by Lightning, Please Pray

August 08, 2018Aug 08, 2018

In New York City on Tuesday a lightning storm rolled through the area, leaving in its wake a swath of damage, including three people who were struck by lightning.

According to ABC7 New York, two of the men were playing soccer in a field near the Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

"Thunder just went boom! And I felt it," said witness Andrew Graneros. "I stopped everything I was doing. As you turn around you just see two guys laying on the floor and see a guy running towards us call the police call the police!"

Both of those me were rushed to Elmhusrt General Hospital. One man, 30, is in critical condition. The other man, 42, is listed in serious but stable condition.

At the corner of Baisley Boulevard and 155th Street in Jamaica, a 33-year-old victim of another lightning strike was taken to Jamaica Hospital and treated for non-threatening injuries.

The strikes occurred as strong storms moved in through the New York City area. More showers and thunderstorms are expected Wednesday.

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