As Senate Race Nears the Finish, New Poll Reveals Where Roy Moore Stands

December 11, 2017Dec 11, 2017

All eyes are on the Alabama race for the Senate as it nears the finish line. The race has been filled with heightened tensions, as several women recently accused Republican candidate Roy Moore of sexual harassment. The reports claim that Moore participated in sexual misconduct was in his mid-30s. The candidate has continuously denied these claims, and no proof has been given.

Recently, President Trump gave his full endorsement to Moore. President Trump endorsed Moore through social media, campaign rallies, and robocalls. 

Meanwhile, former President Obama gave his support to Doug Jones. He said that Jones would be a "champion for justice."

Now, Fox News has released a new poll indicating how close the race is. Reportedly, 50% of voters who were surveyed said that they prefer Democrat Doug Jones over Moore, compared to a 40% favor for the Republican.

The survey places Jones 10 points over Moore in the race. However, there was still a 1-in-10 undecided vote and 2% of the participants were supporting another candidate. All of those factors could make a difference on Tuesday's vote. 

The recent poll also questioned Alabama residents about the allegations against Moore. The majority believed that the accusations against Moore were true, although there was only a 6 point margin (39-33). 

Only 13% of Republicans said that they believe the accusations against Moore. 60% said that they do not believe them, while 26% are still unsure. 

According to the survey, there are more Democrats than Republicans that consider themselves "extremely interested" in the race. 50% of Democrats said that they were highly interested, with 90% advocating for Jones. Comparatively, 45% of Republicans said that they were highly interested in the race, with 81% advocating for Moore. 

Democratic pollster Chris Anderson talked about Moore's chance at the election. 

He said, "Moore might prevail if only the people who typically vote in Alabama elections turn out Tuesday, which is often what happens in special elections." He continued, saying that he thinks many anti-Moore voters will head to the polls because of the circumstances surrounding this particular election. 

What do you think about this? Who do you think should win the election tomorrow? Let us know on Facebook. In other breaking news, an explosion and attempted terrorist attack took place near Times Square this morning.

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