As Protestor Tries To Burn U.S. Flag, ONE Man Decides He's Not Going To Let It Happen

July 29, 2016Jul 29, 2016

Seeing Old Glory go up in flames is becoming a common sight at protests outside both the Republican and Democrat conventions, and the worst perpetrators appear to be a pro-communism band of demonstrators. It was about to happen again yesterday afternoon outside the Democrat convention when one man decided to stand up for America.

According to BizPacReview, an unidentified black man got ahold of a protestor's American flag, accusing him of trying to burn it. He refused to let go as the protestor yelled at him and other people wearing bizarre hats tried to pull the black man away.

Part of the struggle was caught on video.

PROTESTOR: "You cannot have this flag!"
BLACK MAN: "Then take it from me, commie! You commies cannot have my flag! You cannot have America's flag!"
BLACK MAN: "People in my family have fought communism, so why are you here preaching communism? You know the horror of communism."

The Guy-Fawkes-masked protestor denied being part of the pro-communism group but said he might be an anarchist.


BLACK MAN: "How dare you come to America and burn the flag!"
BLACK MAN: "This flag is the property of all the Americans that died to protect [it]. I cannot let go of this flag!"

Eventually the protestors got the flag away from him.

In a separate video after the incident, the black man said to Cassandra Fairbanks who was filming the fight, "I believe America is one of the greatest countries on earth. We were not only responsible for ending slavery, but we brought an end to Hitler and Stalin and multiple, terrible communist and socialist regimes. And now to have these commies out here preaching communism on the streets of America sickens me!"

He added, "We're not going to stand by and give up our identity as Americans and watch what we stand for be burned!"

The man appeared to have serious burns on his face. Speculation on social media suggested he may have been burned trying to extinguish a flag, but the flag he was in a tug-o-war match over did not appear to be torched. A video of him the day before shows his face unburned.