As Police Try To Keep Order At RNC Protests, People Are Doing THIS Amazing Thing For Them

July 20, 2016Jul 20, 2016

Police officers are working hard to keep the protests outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland peaceful as demonstrators from opposing groups get into shouting and shoving matches and, in one case, burn an American flag. And while the police are doing their job, a community of people has decided to acknowledge their diligence, especially in the face of increased violence and hatred toward law enforcement.

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, officers working in the protest square have been bombarded by a welcome sort of message — support. Nearly 1,000 people have dropped off items that include water, fruit, snacks, and sunblock for the police as they stand all day in soaring temperatures. The pile of donations is so great, even, that it has been likened to a grocery store.

Officer Chicky Guerra exclaimed, "It's been amazing, the amount of support we have received,."

Police union president Steve Loomis expressed similar sentiments, saying, "Most people appreciate what we are doing. And this is way more than we ever expected. It makes me so proud to live and work here. Cleveland is great."