As NFL Teams ‘Shun’ Kaepernick, One Team Outside U.S. Wants to Sign Him

September 27, 2017Sep 27, 2017

Many fans of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick believes he’s been shunned by the owners of NFL teams because of his political protests. Whether or not that’s true, he certainly is a political hot potato that seems to draw attention away from what happens on the field after the National Anthem plays.

But with the athletic shape Kaepernick is still keeping himself in, 247 Sports believes he really is earnest when he says he wants to get back to playing football as soon as possible.

There is a solution to that, though. Kaepernick just needs to set his sights past the restraints of our national borders.

According to the Montreal Gazette, Canadian Football League team the Montreal Alouettes desperately wants to sign Kaepernick. The Als general manager Kavis Reed hasn’t gotten to speak to the former 49er himself yet, but he’s reached out to his agent. Reed also appreciates Kaepernick’s stance.

Reed explained, “[Kaepernick’s] in the midst of some very important things. We understand there’s a movement going on around him. We’re doing our due diligence and making certain they know we want to see where he’s at. It’s a matter of kicking the tires at this stage.”

“To me, he’s a very good player. Take all the movement stuff aside. He’s a young man that we feel has a very good football IQ. He has taken a team to a championship level. The talent’s there. As a GM, you have to look at the talent. It’s incumbent on us to explore it,” he added.

And the Als could certainly use someone with Kaepernick’s talents. They’re dead last in their division this season, according to their official website.

Even though Kaepernick would likely be paid handsomely by CFL standards, it’d still be a massive pay cut. The average NFL player makes $1.9 million a year, according to Business Insider, and the average CFL player makes $80,000 a year, according to Sports Illustrated.

In other words, NFL players, on average, make almost 24 times more money. While Kaepernick only ended up getting a third of this three-year, $126 million contract, according to Business Insider, it still came to about $13 million a year.

But if Kaepernick did, incredibly, join the CFL, would he take a knee to protest their national anthem? The first question to answer is: Do Canadian games even begin with a singing of their national anthem? Actually, yes.

And as you can see, some Canadian football players protested on Sunday, too.

According to Sporting News, “While players and coaches from both teams remained standing for the Canadian anthem before the game, many Roughriders locked arms in solidarity with players in the NFL.”

But if Kaepernick’s protest is indeed about police brutality against minorities, would he have the same issue to demonstrate against in “progressive” Canada? Actually, yes. Black Lives Matter rallies and protests against the killing of black people by law enforcement officers is something that happens in the Great White North, too.

Last year before a rally, Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Rodney Diverlus said, “The difference in Canada is that there's a myth of inclusivity and there's a myth that this thing doesn't happen here because our police are less accountable to the public,” according to USA Today.

As for how Canadians would react if an American import protested their national anthem over their social injustices, it’s hard to say. It’s unlikely we’ll ever know. But who knows?

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