As NFL Players Sign For Free Agency, You Won't Believe What Happens To Anthem-Protesting Colin Kaepernick?

March 15, 2017Mar 15, 2017

After becoming the talk of the season last year for refusing to stand during the National Anthem, the San Francisco 49er's quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, declared his free agency at the end of February. 

Shortly after, he announced starting in 2017 he would end his "anti-American protests" and start standing during the anthem again. 

Many saw this move as a way to smooth his entrance into free agency.



Despite his efforts to have an easy transition to a new team, there has yet to be any teams making a public move to sign the infamous Colin Kaepernick. 

This might not come as a surprise when data points to him as a responsible factor in the League's drastically lowered ratings for watching football on TV. In fact, some analysts have dubbed the falling ratings “the Kaepernick Effect.”

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