As Irma Approaches, Evacuees are Abandoning These Beloved Family Members

September 09, 2017Sep 09, 2017

Reports from Belle Glade, Florida, indicate that persons fleeing their homes ahead of Irma are leaving their pets behind, according to Palm Beach County Animal care and Control.

On Friday, 23 dogs were found tied to trees and cars. On Saturday, 26 more were found in similar condition. Some pets were left all alone outside, in boxes.

This treatment of animals is infuriating to some, including Animal Care and Control Director Diane Suave. She said that the owners had the chance to surrender their pets to shelters, but chose not to.

Efforts are being made to make sure that the dogs get adopted, and do not return to the owners who abandoned them.

Fortunately, many people have chosen to leave their pets in shelters, rather than abandon them, according to a local ABC news station. Shelby Humane Society is one of them preparing to accept dozens of pets in central Florida. Unfortunately, to accept the new animals, the shelters have been forced to let others go by seeking adoptive parents.

Executive Director of the Shelby Humane Society David Arias said that many hotels simply don’t have a place to keep the pets, “So they keep them at local shelters rather than sending them to us, which doesn’t make any sense.”

Shelby Humane Society was already at 130% capacity before Saturday. The Birmingham Humane Society is also over capacity after accepting pets from Hurricane Harvey.

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