As Family Holds Private Funeral, Jackson Odell’s Cause of Death Still a Mystery

June 14, 2018Jun 14, 2018

Jackson Odell was laid to rest Wednesday in a quiet, private ceremony held just with family. Odell was found dead at a sober living home in Los Angeles on Friday, June 8. He was just 20 years old.

According to Pop Culture, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released a statement saying that the cause of death is still pending on an autopsy, planned sometime this week.

Odell had a history of drug use, although he was reportedly clean when he last underwent a drug test, but it wasn’t clear how soon before his sudden death he was tested, according to TMZ

Reportedly, Odell had a history of heroin use; however, there were no drugs or paraphernalia found near his body where it was recovered at the sober living home in the San Fernando Valley.

In addition, police reported that there was no foul play involved or suspected in his death. The autopsy hopes to determine what the cause of death was. Odell had been living in the home for about three weeks prior to his death.

Friends of the young actor took a moment to remember him. One of them, Brett Boyett, a music producer, met him when he was 17. The two worked extensively together, according to People

“As a producer and songwriter your goal is always to align yourself with the most talented artist that you can find, that person whose gifts are undeniable,” Boyett wrote in a tribute on Facebook. “Well I found that person. His name was Jackson Odell…

“This kid could sing, write, and play the guitar like I could only have dreamed of at 17. I mean, he could do it all, and he was really, really good at all of it. His voice carved a story into your mind with every word that he sang, while playing the guitar with the precision of a seasoned professional musician. On top of that, he was likable and charismatic, I’ve even used the word ‘magnetic,’ drawing people in to both his personality and his music.”

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