Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates Hollywood For Charity

June 18, 2015Jun 18, 2015

Often a polarizing figure for his politics during his tenure as Governor of California, as well as documented incidents in his personal life, Arnold Schwarzenegger is also known for his extensive charity work with the Special Olympics and Habitat For Humanity.  He recently used his celebrity status to draw attention to another very charitable cause.

In support of “After-School All-Stars”, a charity that provides after school programs throughout the country that help keep children safe and also help them succeed in school, Arnold Schwarzenegger took to the streets of Hollywood disguised as the Terminator.  

He engaged the crowds on the streets and crossed paths with Arnold impersonators.  The real fun came inside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum where Arnold stood motionless as the unsuspecting people approached for pictures.

The cross promotion between his new “Terminator” film and After-School All-Stars helped raise awareness and funding for the charity.