Army Veteran Creates New T-Shirt Aimed at Nike, Kaepernick, Instantly Goes Viral

September 10, 2018Sep 10, 2018

An amazing news story is currently going viral on social media Tyler Mary, who is an Army veteran, has recently decided to use his call company take a stand for the national anthem.

Tyler's actions coming response to an ad that was recently released. In the Nike ad, Colin Kaepernick's face is displayed in black and white a phrase about sacrificing everything for your beliefs is written over the top. Many people took immediate offense at the ad.

It was then that Merritt decided to fight back. He created his own shirt that plays off of a Nike slogan and it was gone viral online.

Merritt told “Fox and Friends” hosts Saturday on Fox News that his new shirts are a direct response to Nike’s collaboration with former NFL quarterback and national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick.

“They decided to take a stance. This is our stand,” Merritt said.

Watch the amazing video below for more information on this patriotic story.

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