Army Ammunition Plant Explosion Kills One and Injures Four

April 11, 2017Apr 11, 2017

Officials report one person has died and four were injured Tuesday at approximately 1 a.m. at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri. 

All were workers at the plant. The four injured were evaluated at the scene but refused further medical treatment. 

An employee at the plant told the news reporters all workers were sent home after the explosion. 


Lake City Commander Lt. Col. Eric Dennis reported the explosion was in a primer mixing cell. In this facility, various chemicals are mixed to create compounds in ammunition. 

A spokesperson told reporters the explosion happened where the powder is loaded into bullets but there is no further information regarding the possible cause. The spokesperson also said the identity of the victim of the explosion has not been released. 

Lake City Ammunition Plant manufactures small-caliber ammunition. The facility also operates the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) test center. 

The ammunition plant occupies 3,935 acres just east of Kansas City in Independence Missouri


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