Armie Hammer’s Aunt Casey Wasn’t ‘Shocked’ by Abuse Allegations

One family member’s perspective. Armie Hammer‘s aunt Casey Hammer weighed in on the accusations against her nephew — and made it clear she wants justice for his alleged victims.

“I honestly was not surprised or shocked,” the Surviving My BirthrightOnly the author told Us WeeklyTuesday, August 30th, before the Discovery+ premiere House of Hammer. “Based on how I grew up, I was exposed to horrific crimes and experiences that were covered up because it was behind closed doors and we couldn’t talk about it.”

Casey believed that the allegations of sexual abuse against her nephew, aged 36, were just part of the normal course.

“I thought, ‘Oh, here we go. Another Hammer man,’” she told Use. “What upset me was the fact that they were focusing on Armie and cannibalism and his career. [But] what about the victims that he’s left in his path? Whether it’s physical, mental or any kind of abuse, it takes a toll on you. And you need to know that there’s others out there like you who are experiencing the same thing, and there is hope.”

Casey is the sister of Armie’s father, Michael HammerThey are both the grand-daughters of Armand Hammer, a business magnate who was killed in 1990. House of HammerArmie will be investigated as well as the legacy left by the rest of her family.

Casey, on the other hand, has been writing self-published for years and speaking out against her family. Surviving My Birthright2015.

Armie Hammer Aunt Casey Says She Wasnt Shocked Abuse Allegations

Armie Hammer and Casey Hammer.
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“When my nephew imploded on social media last year … it shined a light on the family and something I had been living with for 61 years and talking about, and no one necessarily wanted to listen or believe,” she claimed. “I wanted to be more of a positive advocate for victims and kind of help share my story. When I first wrote the book seven years ago, it was something I did … for myself because I couldn’t make sense of how I lived all this trauma.”

House of HammerInterviews with women who claimed that the Call me by my nameStar expressed an interest in cannibalism during their relationships. “In the beginning, I felt like this was all perfect; this was amazing,” Courtney VucekovichIn a trailer for the series, he is recalled. “But then things changed. He pushes your boundaries, a little at the time. You’re his, completely. … I mean, he said, ‘I‘m 100 percent a cannibal.’ I [was] freaking out.”

In 2021, multiple women shared similar stories and the resulting legislation was passed. Social Network actor described the alleged victims’ accusations as “bulls–t claims.” Later that year, he checked into rehab for reported drug, alcohol and sex issues. His lawyer confirmed that he had been rehabilitated in December 2021. Use that Armie had left the facility but didn’t specify the date he checked out.

The allegations against the California native and his wife were made several months prior to their arrest. Elizabeth ChambersAfter 10 years of marriage, they split. “Thirteen years as best friends, soulmates, partners and then parents,” the estranged pair — who share daughter Harper, 7, and son Ford, 5 — wrote in a joint statement in July 2020. “It has been an incredible journey, but together, we’ve decided to turn the page and move on from our marriage.”

Armie has stayed relatively quiet since leaving rehab, but his aunt hopes that the docuseries helps Armie’s alleged victims get justice. “Anybody that commits crimes and involves other people and hurts them needs to be held accountable,” she told Use. “I would hope that by shining a light [on it] that the justice system takes care of it however it sees fit.”

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