Arkansas Democratic Candidate Promises He ‘Won’t Vote for Nancy Pelosi’ if Elected

June 14, 2018Jun 14, 2018

In Arkansas, a Democratic candidate running for a congressional seat currently held by Republicans said he will not support Nancy Pelosi if he gets elected.

The candidate, Clarke Tucker, is vying for the seat against incumbent Republican French Hill. According to Fox News, Hill was critical of Tucker’s support of Pelosi and her allies in Washington.

Tucker produced an ad set to run soon that slams Hill and at the same time assuring voters that he will not be supporting Pelosi should he get elected.

“Congressman Hill opened his campaign by attacking me,” he said. “knowing full well tht I’ve said from day one that I won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi. We’re better than that.”

Hill, however, struck back at Tucker, criticizing him for his support of higher taxes and bigger government. Conversely, Hill said he supports lower taxes and a stronger economy.

"Clarke Tucker is the hand-picked candidate of Nancy Pelosi's liberal Washington allies because they know Clarke Tucker supports higher taxes and bigger government and that French Hill will continue to champion lower taxes and a stronger economy," said Hill campaign spokesman Mike Siegel.

Tucker had said previously that he was “very frustrated with the leadership of the House in both parties.”

He added: “I think voters are interested in changing the leadership in Washington.

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