Arizona FIGHTS Back Against Students Trying To RESTRICT Free Speech

May 18, 2016May 18, 2016

A popular belief invading many college campuses these days is the idea that the free speech guaranteed to us in the Constitution needs greater restrictions because it allows people to express things that are "politically incorrect" or go against progressive agendas or anything else the left likes to label as "hate speech."

But according to The Arizona Republic, one state is fighting back.


Arizona governor Doug Ducey just signed off on two bills aimed at encouraging more free speech on college campuses and political events rather than less.

One bill extends the tiny "free speech zones" on college campuses — where religious groups sometimes get regulated — to the entire campus. The second bill promotes free speech at political and governmental events and makes it easier for people to sue if they feel their free speech rights have been violated.

Ducey explained his support of the bills, saying, "Part of the university experience is to be able to express diverse views, openly, without fear of retribution or intimidation — and to be exposed to other views and perspectives, even if they aren’t politically correct or popular."