Ariana Grande Concert in Costa Rica Possibly Targeted for Another Attack

July 10, 2017Jul 10, 2017

The tragedy of the Manchester suicide bombing left many hearts broken on May 22nd of 2017. The attack, which took place at Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester Arena, left 22 people dead and more than 100 injured, many of which were children and teenagers.

Since then, many other attacks have unfortunately taken place in the UK, leaving nearby areas to be on constant, high-alert. According to multiple news sources in the UK including Metro, another Ariana Grande concert was possibly targeted for an attack.

On July 9th, Grande performed in Costa Rica. On the same evening, 22-year-old Caicedo Lopez was arrested after being accused of making ‘serious threats’ regarding a possible attack at the concert.

Thankfully, authorities tracked down Lopez quickly, resolving the incident, and the concert continued on. Metro reports he was located using an IP address and an investigation immediately. It was unclear if this comes as an attempted terror attack from ISIS-affiliate groups, but the threat message was reportedly written in Arabic. 

Walter Espinoza, director of Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigative Police, stated, “Even if the threat was meant as a joke, it is our job…to verify whether or not there is a real threat, because this is a very sensitive situation and it could lead to a tragedy.”

Following the Manchester suicide bombing, a former terrorist who now work with government agencies on counter-terrorism operations, explained why Ariana Grande’s concert was targeted for the attack. He stated, "Ariana Grande is a big name brand; the media will descend on it. Children being killed will get coverage, and that emotional reaction."

He continues, "So, all these things are hitting at the same time at the same place." Authorities have also previously mentioned before her 'One Love Manchester' benefit concert, attempted attacks are likely for her future performances. 

Please continue to pray for our nation and other countries at risk for future terror attacks. May God provide safety and restore a desire for Jesus in hearts all around the globe!