Are You Kidding? College Students Cry Out For ‘Safe Space’ From Event They Never Attended

May 18, 2016May 18, 2016

What a sad generation there is rising through the ranks of colleges across the country, where a mere word or differing opinion sends them rushing to the nearest safe-space.

At California State University – Los Angeles, a group of offended and emotionally traumatized students are organizing an event in which they get together and cry out in unison for healing from an event most of the students never even attended.

“On February 25th, our campus experience immense hurt and trauma,” the group’s statement reads. “Almost two months later, students are still feeling the emotional, mental, and physical effects that this event posed, and nothing has been done to facilitate our healing. How can we help each other heal and move forward?”

The event the students are referring to is a speech that Conservative journalist Ben Shapiro gave back in February. According to the National Review, the overwhelming majority of the students crying out for a safe space never even attended Shapiro’s speech.

Throwing a pity party for an event that most people never went to? Demanding that the school facilitate their “healing?” What is this world coming to? These poor students are in for such a rude awakening when they step out of their safe college atmosphere and into the real world.