Are You A Christian And A Democrat? Matt Walsh Explains Why That Is NOT Possible…

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July 29, 2016Jul 29, 2016

Conservative blogger Matt Walsh is outspoken about his Christian faith. Being outspoken, conservative and Christian will tend to draw the ire of a lot of people. Walsh was recently confronted by one of his readers who was angry at him for saying that a Christian could not be a Democrat. In a blistering response, Walsh stated exactly what he meant.

“When I say that Democrats can’t be Christian, then, I’m not saying that you’re all a bunch of filthy sinners and those of us outside the party; Republicans, Libertarians, and so forth are perfect angels,” Walsh wrote on his blog. “That’s not the point. I’m saying that being a “loyal Democrat,” as you describe yourself, requires that you fundamentally reject the authority of Christ. Not in the sense of sinning and falling short, but in the sense of actually disbelieving and condemning some of His most important teachings and some of the most essential lessons of Scripture.”

One of the examples that Walsh gives is abortion and how it goes against the very essence of biblical teaching. “The Democrat Party is almost solely responsible for legalizing, funding, and facilitating the murder of 50 million humans. And they’re quite proud of it. They’ve placed abortion front and center, making it exceedingly clear that any “loyal Democrat” must not only approve of abortion, but respond with deafening applause at the sound of a baby’s skull being crushed. Let me ask you this, Lana: Would Jesus be in that crowd applauding as a mother boasts of killing her child?”

Walsh didn’t stop at abortion, he also brought up the current liberal rallying cry. “And it’s not just abortion, of course. The Democrat Party, as you know, also considers the deconstruction of traditional marriage to be one of its crowning achievements. Meanwhile, Jesus explicitly defined marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman.”

You can read his entire powerful statement here. Do you believe that a person can be both a Christian and a Democrat?