Are the Duggars Returning to Reality TV?

February 10, 2016Feb 10, 2016

Rumors have been flying lately that the Duggars may soon be returning to TV. Their show 19 Kids and Counting, which was a top ranked cable TV show on TLC, was cancelled last year following disclosure of awful behavior by one of their sons, Josh Duggar.


What is interesting is that, if all TV shows that featured someone who had committed adultery or similar behavior were to be cancelled, then lots of shows would be cancelled. Why is it that a show featuring Christians is cancelled because of terrible behavior by just one of the 21 stars?

In any case, the Duggar family and TLC have not confirmed that the show will be starting again. Fueling the rumors have been numerous reports over the last few weeks of film crews being spotted with the Duggars. In addition, there are a number of appearances on TV by separate Duggar family members, and the Duggars continue to be highly popular with their Christian and family followers.

Many of their fans are able to understand the family tragedy they have been through and can forgive the Duggar family — and any family — for having one person who is deeply involved in sin. Let's pray for Josh Duggar and his wife Anna and for healing and restoration — and wait to see if the rumors of a Duggar TV show returning are correct! Many people got to know the Duggars during their time on TV and would love to reconnect with this family.