Are Christians Persecuted? Do Christians Complain Too Much? New Survey Reveals SHOCKING Answers

April 02, 2016Apr 02, 2016

Stories of religious discrimination and intolerance towards Christians and their beliefs have been reported in the media with increasing frequency.

The stories are usually disguised as people and companies fighting against “anti-discriminatory” bills when in reality the only people being discriminated against are people of faith who don’t want their children being preyed upon or made to feel uncomfortable in their own bathrooms.  People of all faiths are also discriminated against by being made to participate in things that go against their faith.

It comes as no surprise that during this time of religious persecution, Christians feel the walls closing in on them.  According to a new survey from Lifeway, 63 percent of Christians say that Christians are facing increased intolerance in today’s society.  That is 13 percent higher than in 2013.

The one surprising thing that the survey revealed is that despite being persecuted, 43 percent of Christians believe that Christians complain too much about their treatment. In 2013, that number was at 34 percent.

Do you think Christians complain too much? Or are their complaints valid with the increased persecution?