Are The Rumors About Riley Burress’ Nose Job True?

When it comes to The Real Housewives There are rumors that some of the most prominent women have had plastic surgery. At times, their children are at the center of said rumors, as is the case with Kandi Burress’ daughter. It is believed that it is possible. Riley Burress, who has been seen over the years The Real Housewives of Atlanta, had a nosejob.

How the Rumors First Got Started

Riley graduated high school in the year that social media users began to make their own posts. speculations about her new look. “She looks different,” wrote one person on Instagram. “She was beautiful without the nose job. She didn’t need that done. Now she will be changing her whole body just to please other people, because she will feel as if she is not beautiful enough,” another said. Several comments showed support and care, with one reading, “Everyone concerned about your nose instead of your prosperity obviously [doesn’t] have a life.”

Are The Nose Job Rumors Real?

Riley and Kandi are not yet open to the possibility of a nosejob. The before and after photos show a smaller nose, and smaller nostrils.

(@rileyburruss / Instagram)

This has led to further comments about Riley’s appearance, as fans have asked her mother “why would you let her touch her face” and have stated that it appears the 19-year-old has had “too much work on her face,” resulting in an older appearance. 

Riley Burruss has undergone some notable changes over the years, including the rumored plastic surgeon. She has also shown off her sexiness. an array of hairstylesThere are several colors, including a honey-blonde color and a bolder red. She also chopped all of her hair off, in order to “start all over,” and months later, she was seen online, once again, with long strands. 

Kandi used social media in 2018 to write about how Riley had lost over 50 pounds “by working out five days a week and watching her calorie intake.” The RHOA teen also encouraged others to get healthy with her “Get Riled Up” movement. She stated in an explanation video that she wanted to help people stay motivatedThrough the ups & downs of fitness journeys.

Riley has grown up, despite the rumors of her nose job. She shares her life with the rest of the world, regardless of whether they are true. The Real Housewives of AtlantaIt premiered in 2008. Kandi and Riley, then seven years old, joined the show for season two in 2009. The family has been featured on spin-off shows such as The Kandi Factory, Kandi’s Wedding, Kandi’s Ski Trip.

Since then, this housewife’s daughter has gained new family members (like a stepfather and younger siblings), graduated from high school, and gone off to New York University. She does not intend to become a lawyer in the entertainment sector, but she did pursue that career. give fans some hopeWhen asked if she would ever be a full-time cast member, she replied “Yes!” RHOA: “I don’t know, possibly,” she told Bravo. “I don’t think I would be in Atlanta ten years from now, but I think it would be interesting.”