At Least 3 People, Including 1 Infant, Injured in 4-Story Apartment Fire

May 13, 2019May 13, 2019

A fire blazed through the top floor of a four-story Jefferson Park apartment building in Chicago on Monday morning. The cause of the fire was not immediately released.

At least three people, including one infant, were injured in the fire and transported to nearby hospitals. Ages and identities have not been released as of 12:45 PM ET on Monday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, one of the adults suffered second-degree burns, the infant was under medical evaluation, and details regarding the severity of the injuries for the second adult were not provided. It is unclear if these three victims were in the same apartment.

Thankfully, the Chicago Fire Department responded quickly and had the fire out about 35 minutes later. An investigation is underway to determine more information.

The city of Chicago appears to have been a prime area for apartment fires recently. The most notable blaze was when ten children lost their lives in a 2018 summer inferno. Since then, several other apartment fires have taken place in the Windy City.

Please keep the victims from the Jefferson Park fire in your prayers today. In other breaking news, Laura Bush’s family is in mourning following her death. Please pray for the Bush family, as well.

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