Apple Workers Held Christmas Eve Walkout for Their Safety Amid Holiday Shopping

A group of Apple employees organized a Christmas Eve walkout, demanding better working conditions and calling on customers to not shop in the tech giant’s retail or online stores.

“We are Apple,” Apple Together, the group organizing the walkout, tweeted Thursday. “We deserve a respectful workplace. We deserve paid sick time. We are entitled to protection at the frontlines. We deserve proper mental healthcare.”

Workers also want protection against Covid-19, such as N-95 masks, sanitizer stations and a ban on loitering inside stores.

“Demand that Apple upholds its image with your wallet,” the walkout organizers said. “Don’t shop in stores, don’t shop online.”

Apple Together — a group of company employees that formerly used the #AppleToo hashtag to draw attention to sexual harassment, sexism, and other workplace issues at the tech giant — said that in addition to Apple Store employees, workers at corporate offices and AppleCare are participating in the action.

The group is best remembered for its whistleblower role in exposing sexism at the California-based firm. Janneke Parrish, a former product manager at the company, was a group member. filed a complaintWith the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), claiming that she was fired for sharing her experiences with sexism at Apple with coworkers.

Parrish followed Ashley Gjøvik — a former Apple product manager terminated after attempting to organize workers and sharing stories of sexual harassment — in filingAn NLRB complaint against the company.