Terrorist Attack: Pedestrians ‘Mowed Down’, People Stabbed, and Shots Fired

June 03, 2017Jun 03, 2017

A horrible crash has taken place on the famous London Bridge, which mowed several pedestrians down. Witnesses also reported that people were stabbed and heard shots being fired, which one witness described as 'rapid and significant gunfire'. 

After investigations on the incident continued throughout the day, the crash has officially been confirmed as a terrorist attack. Stabbers were reportedly chanting 'this is for Allah'. 


A white van was seen mowing people down. After the van crashed, three men jumped out of the vehicle and started randomly stabbing people. 

According to Fox News, the three men were killed along with seven civilians and dozens were injured.

In response to the attack, London Bridge station closed down immediately to avoid bringing more people near the danger. 


Please join us in prayer for the victims involved in the London attack. Thank you!