APPALLING! YouTube Censors Christian Filmmakers

February 27, 2016Feb 27, 2016

In an ironic and equally outrageous situation, Christian filmmakers are being persecuted by YouTube for their short film about the persecution of Christians.

According to the Blaze, the film contains no nudity, sexual references, profanity or violence yet it was removed by YouTube under the guise that it was in violation of YouTube’s community guidelines.

The film, “Chased” examines a scenario in which Christians are persecuted in America in the same way they are persecuted in the Middle East. 

Shortly after the film was uploaded, the filmmaker, Josh Troester was notified that his video was flagged as inappropriate and removed by YouTube.  Troester reviewed the community guidelines and found that his video was not in violation of any of the guidelines.

Troester sent in an appeal to YouTube to reinstate his video.  The appeal was declined.  “YouTube’s decision to censor this movie from it’s public site is confusing, disheartening, and in our opinion, inconsistent considering there are clearly multiple (potentially thousands of) pieces of content on their site that could easily be considered in violation of their Community Guidelines,” Troester said.

It appears that YouTube targeted Troester because of his faith rather than the content of his film.  If so, it wouldn’t be the first time YouTube has censored an individual for their religious beliefs.