Anti-Christian Activist Wants To Rid The Military Of Prayer Because It Offends ISIS

December 11, 2015Dec 11, 2015

Another intolerant anti-Christian activist has stepped forward to complain about prayer on a football field and demand that public prayer not be tolerated.

According to the Blaze, activist Mikey Weinstein has taken offense to the members of the Air Force Academy football team kneeling together in pre-game prayers and fellowship.  He called the prayers “putrid” and “unconstitutional.”


What the anti-Christian activist fails to realize is that the 1st amendment protects the player’s rights to pray.  The 1st amendment does not protect him from anything that he deems offensive.   The simple solution would be for him to not watch the faithful players during their time of prayer.

Weinstein is President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  The name should however be changed to reflect that he seeks to keep the Military free from religion instead of protecting the rights of those who serve. 

Weinstein claims that 5 anonymous players on the football team have taken offense to the display of faith.  “It’s a putrid example of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, triumphalism and exceptionalism and it has to stop,” Weinstein said in a statement.  He also called the public prayers a “propaganda bonanza for [the Islamic State].”

Let Weinstein’s statement sink in… He is basically saying that America’s military should not pray in public because it offends ISIS and they will get angry and use it to recruit Jihadis? 

In an attempt to clarify, Weinstein said, “We’re not saying they can’t pray.  They can do it in front of their lockers.  They can take a private moment.  But when you’re making an initial play out there, together, this creates a compelling need to show solidarity and brotherhood… and basically the keywords are ‘it exacts an unconstitutional too.’”

It would appear that Mr. Weinstein does not understand the constitution.  Do you agree or disagree? Why?