Anthony Scaramucci’s Old Tweets Reveal Liberal Views

July 22, 2017Jul 22, 2017

The new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has in the past expressed liberal views on gun control, climate change and gay marriage, The Washington Examiner unearthed after reviewing old tweets of his. In 2011, for example, he unabashedly voted for Clinton and Obama, noted in a reply to Infovestment, in which he tweeted that he viewed himself non-partisan and practical:

Infovestment’s response: “Then don’t say ‘free markets & tough politicians” – if you actually meant “not-free markets & republicans” just say that :)

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, Scaramucci called for tougher gun laws, tweeting in December of that year that he is a staunch supporter of tougher gun laws:

According to The Examiner, Scaramucci wrote earlier that year that, “We (the USA) has 5% of the world’s population but 50% of the world’s guns. Enough is enough. It is just common sense it apply more controls.” Scaramucci also has urged Republicans to support Gay marriage:

Like his new boss (Trump), Scaramucci has shifted political spectrums in years past. Trump, once a diehard Democrat, switched his ticket and now espouses Republican ideals. Scaramucci, at 53, has said his political views do not matter. His response to those who have criticized his previous liberal views are evident in a recent tweet of his:

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