Another Woman Comes Forward to Accuse Roy Moore of Sexual Assault

November 13, 2017Nov 13, 2017

Last week, The Washington Post ran an article, accusing Roy Moore, the Republican nominee in the special election to fill an Alabama State Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, of sexual assault. The story included four women, one of which said he had inappropriate sexual contact with her when she 14-year-old and he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney.

The Washington Post spoke to the woman, Leigh Corfman, who says she was 14 years old when an older man approached her outside a courtroom in Etowah County, Ala. She says Moore got her number and took her out to his home twice. On the second visit, she says he tried to initiate sexual contact.

Three other women were also interviewed by The Washington Post. All of them say Moore pursued them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18 while he was in his early 30s.

“Episodes they say they found flattering at the time but troubling as they got older. None of the women say that Moore forced them into any sort of relationship or sexual contact,” wrote the Post.

Moore has denied the allegations. He believes the women are coming forward as a result of the Democratic party’s attempts to keep him out of office.

On Monday, in a press conference, a fifth woman accused Moore of making sexual or romantic advances toward her when she a teenager.

Beverly Young Nelson told a news conference in New York that Moore attacked her when she was 16. At the time, he was a prosecutor in Etowah County, Alabama. Ms. Nelson was represented at the news conference by Gloria Allred, a lawyer who has championed victims of sexual harassment.

Nelson recounted how, when she was 15, she worked as a waitress at the Olde Hickory House restaurant. She says Moore was a regular customer, who came in almost every night and stayed until closing time.

“Mr. Moore was an adult. He was much older than I was. I knew that he was the District attorney in Etowah County. I did not understand what that meant, but I knew that he was an important person and I always treated him with respect,” said Nelson in her statement.

She also described how he would talk to her and pull the ends of her long, red hair as she walked by him.

“He would compliment me on my looks. I did not think anything of it. I did nothing to encourage his flirtatious behavior. I was accustomed to men flirting with me because I was well developed and I competed in beauty pageants.”

She also stated that she did not “attach any significance to Mr. Moore’s behavior.” She also did not respond to his flirtatious behavior.

“First, I had a boyfriend. Second, even if I had not had a boyfriend I was not interested in having a dating or sexual relationship with a man twice my age,” declared Nelson.

Nelson’s story seems to be corroborated by a note Moore left in her yearbook.

"To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say 'Merry Christmas,” wrote Moore.

A week or two later, Nelson worked the closing shift at the restaurant. She was standing in the cold, waiting for her boyfriend pick her up and drive her home when Moore asked her if she needed a ride.

“I trusted Mr. Moore. He was the District attorney. I thought that he was simply doing something nice by offering to drive me home. I did not want to wait outside in the cold so I agreed,” said Nelson.

Nelson continued, “He began driving. I thought he would get on the highway, but instead, he drove to the back of the restaurant. I was not immediately alarmed as there was an exit from the back of the restaurant to the street and he could drive from there to my house without getting on the highway. However, instead of driving to the street, he stopped the car and parked his car in between the dumpster and the back of the restaurant where there were no lights. The area was dark and deserted. I was alarmed and I immediately asked him what he was doing.”

She alleges that Moore groped her. She said she tried to leave the car, but he locked the door.

I tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over and locked it so I could not get out. I tried fighting him off, while yelling at him to stop, but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck … I was terrified. He was also trying to pull my shirt off. I thought that he was going to rape me. I was twisting and struggling and begging him to stop. I had tears running down my face,” said Nelson.

She says that eventually he gave up and let her leave the car. Before she left, she says he told her “you are a child. I am the District attorney of Etowah County. If you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you.”

Nelson said she did not tell anyone what happened, adding “I was scared. I felt that if I told anyone Mr. Moore would do something to me or my family. I decided to keep what happened to myself.”

Nelson concluded, “I thought that I was Mr. Moore’s only victim. I would probably have taken what Mr. Moore did to me to my grave, had it not been for the courage of four other women that were willing to speak out about their experiences with Mr. Moore. Their courage has inspired me to overcome my fear.”

“Mr. Moore attacked me when I was a child. I did nothing to deserve his sexual attack. I was frightened by his position and his power. I am coming forward to let Mr. Moore know that he no longer has any power over me and I no longer live in fear of him.”

Nelson and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, are seeking a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Nelson would like to testify under oath, and they would like Moore to testify as

Moore responded to Nelson’s allegations, saying that this is simply a “witch hunt.”

"Gloria Allred is a sensationalist leading a witch hunt, and she is only around to create a spectacle," said the statement issued by Moore’s campaign chair Bill Armistead.

"We've said this before and we'll say it again: Judge Moore is an innocent man and has never had any sexual misconduct with anyone. This is a witch hunt against a man who has had an impeccable career for over 30 years and has always been known as a man of high character. Let it be understood: the truth will come forward, we will pursue all legal options against these false claims and Judge Moore will be vindicated."

In other news, former President Bush is being accused of sexually assaulting a girl when she was 16-years-old. 

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