Another State Rejects Obama And Tells Him To Stay Out Of Their Bathrooms

June 15, 2016Jun 15, 2016

Another state has stood up to Obama’s executive overreach and told the president to keep his policies and beliefs out of their children’s bathrooms. The Board of Education in the State of Kansas voted to make sure that kids continue to use the bathrooms that match their gender, not whatever they choose to be.

According to the Daily Caller, the education officials released a statement explaining their decision to reject the president’s pet project and leave it up to each individual school district. “We must continue to provide our schools the flexibility needed to work with their students, families and communities to effectively address the needs of the students they serve,” the statement said.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp also addressed Obama’s bathroom decree in a letter to education officials. “Neither our girls or boys should be forced to undress in the presence of individuals who are of the opposite biological sex,” the letter said. “Our children should also not be subjected to a greater risk of threats from predators who seek to do them harm.

Time will tell if Obama will make good on his threat to punish the schoolchildren by withholding federal funding to the states whom do not embrace and implement his transgender agenda.