Another Republican Presidential Candidate Just Dropped Out Of The Race

February 12, 2016Feb 12, 2016

According to the Washington Examiner former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore has dropped out of the race for Republican presidential nomination.


Although he's appeared in a couple undercard debates, Gilmore was not invited to tomorrow night's CBS debate with the remaining 6 major candidates. In the Iowa Caucus, he gained limited national attention by garnering a total of 12 votes. In the New Hampshire Primary this week, he saw an over 1000% boost in votes, which only got him to only 133.

According to The Atlantic, Gilmore has blamed the Republican National Committee's influence and the organized media's control over information on his lack of attention in this race.

A Feb. 1 Washington Post story revealed that Gilmore raised $214.4 thousand for his campaign and received another $206.9 thousand through super PACs and other groups.