Another Liberal Celebrity Says They'll Deport Themselves From U.S. If Trump Wins

August 29, 2016Aug 29, 2016

Another liberal celebrity says she'll deport herself from the U.S. if Donald Trump becomes president, giving hope to conservatives that another big leftist voice will leave our beloved country.

According to Newsmax, Barbra Streisand told an Australian correspondent, "I'm either coming to your country if you'll let me in, or Canada."

Next month, Streisand is scheduled to host an LGBT fundraiser for Hillary.

Here are some more liberal celebrities who say they'll leave us if Trump wins, according to Fox News, Breibart, Alternet, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
— Al Sharpton
— Miley Cyrus
— Lena Dunham
— Rosie O'Donnell
— Whoopi Goldberg
— Jon Stewart
— Samuel L. Jackson
— Cher
— Raven-Symoné
— Spike Lee

— George Lopez

— Eddie Griffin
— Neve Campbell
— Chelsea Handler
— Chloë Sevigny
— Natasha Lyonne
— Omari Hardwick

Unfortunately for many hopeful conservatives, few, if any celebrities, actually leave America after a Republican president gets elected. America is very much the source of their money, fame, success, and, in some cases, victims. But we can still hope.