Another Incident Happens At Target, Confirms They Are The Least Safe Store For Women And Children

June 14, 2016Jun 14, 2016

The backlash over Target’s open bathroom policy has not receded. In fact, it keeps growing. And so does the number of incidents. According to Breitbart, another incident happened at a Target store in Fayetteville, North Carolina recently that shows just how dangerous the retail stores have become.

Magrady Fredidando, 43, was arrested last week in Fayetteville. The 43 year old man was caught filming up a woman’s dress as she shopped in Target.  Fredidando was caught by store security in the act.

While this incident did not happen in a bathroom or changing room, it could just as easily have. Perverts and sexual deviants know that Target’s policies favor them. If the woman had walked into the changing room, Fredidando could have easily followed her in and no one would have been able to stop him.

These incidents happen all over the country in all different kinds of stores, but with Target allowing men into women’s bathrooms, they remove the last layer of protection and privacy that a woman has.

Unfortunately there will most likely be an increase of incidents like this in Target. If they aren’t willing to protect women and children while they are most vulnerable, they truly don’t care about their safety.