Another Hollywood Star Cuts Check for A Million Bucks to Hurricane Victims

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

Recently, the people of Houston, Texas have been hit extremely hard after Hurricane Harvey destroyed their homes. Thousands of people have been displaced and are currently living in shelters.

Volunteers have shown up from around the country to donate time and resources and help people escape the rising flood waters. Many people have also donated money to relief efforts helping people in the area.

As the destruction draws national attention, many celebrities began donating money to help people. However, one major celebrity just cut a check for $1 million!

Leonardo DiCaprio is donating a massive sum to help people! His donation comes just a day after another celebrity donated a million dollars as well.

“Leo's foundation gave the money to the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund ... it will be used for both short and long-term relief. United Way says the entire amount will go to help victims of the epic storm,” according to TMZ.

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