ANOTHER Frightening Incident At TARGET Serves As A Warning

May 25, 2016May 25, 2016

Another frightening incident at Target Monday is serving as a warning to shoppers of the danger of predators, especially after the company announced that all of their stores' bathrooms and fitting rooms are open — without question — to people based off their "gender identity," even if it doesn't match their biological sex.


Click 2 Houston is reporting that a mother and her two children were shopping at a Houston Target when a man began following them around every part of the store. A Target employee named Quay spotted the man stalking Jackie Georgiou and followed him as he walked behind her and her two kids out of the store and all the way out to her car.

As Jackie got into her car, Quay approached her and asked her if she knew she was being followed.

Jackie replied, "No, I didn't notice that."

Quay said, "I noticed and I was following him and the reason I'm approaching is that he followed you out of the store and I don't want him to follow you home."

Quay then confronted the stalker who was parked in the stall right in front of Jackie's car. Quay told the man "get out of here" and was arguing with him as Jackie drove away. Jackie told KPRC 2 that she is very grateful for Quay's alertness and courage and says the incident serves as a warning to other shoppers.

"When they say 'be alert,' it means really, really be alert. Pay attention to every little thing."

The situation followed other recent incidents at Target stores, including a sex offender at a New Jersey Target who was using a floor-level mirror to inappropriately look at women as they shopped; a serial voyeur at a Florida Target who started asking a woman inappropriate questions while she shopped for a swimsuit; and a man at a Frisco, Texas Target who police are looking for after he entered the women's fitting room area and filmed a girl as she undressed.

While many of these incidents do not occur in bathrooms and fitting rooms, many conservatives and other common sense individuals are greatly concerned by a store "inclusivity "policy they feel puts women and children in vulnerable places at a much greater risk from the predators already out there who have long been lurking around stores.