U.S. Figure Skater Accused of Brutally Attacking Another Skater

March 21, 2019Mar 21, 2019

There's another scandal in figure skating. A South Korean skater is accusing an American figure skater of attacking her, according to NBC

Mariah Bell is accused of purposefully slashing her South Korean rival in the leg with her skate during practice for the world championships.

The International Skating Union said in a statement Thursday that it was made aware of the incident between U.S. skater Mariah Bell, 22, and Lim Eun-soo, 16.

There's been some controversy online about what actually happened. However, they say that it does not appear Bell intentionally hurt Eun-soo.

Eun-soo's management team, All That Sports, told the Straits Times that she was warming up for the International Skating Union World Championship in Saitama, Japan on the edge of the rink "as much as possible as to not interfere with other skaters."

The team alleges that Bell came up behind Eun-soo and kicked her in her left calf. Eun-soo suffered a cut on her leg, and she had to be treated by staff, according to the outlet.

"It seems it was intentional, considering how Bell came from behind," All That Sports said. They also claimed that Bell had been bullying the younger skater for months.

Eun-soo's team said it asked the Korea Skating Union to file a formal complaint about the incident. The International Skating Union said it has not yet received a complaint.

They said that "based on the evidence at hand at this point in time, which includes a video, there is no evidence that Ms. Bell intended any harm to Ms. Lim."

"The ISU met with delegates from both USA and Korea and urged both parties to find an amicable solution," the Union said. "The ISU maintains that this remains the appropriate approach."

This is far from the first figure skating scandal. In 1994, skater Nancy Kerrigan was struck in the leg at a Detroit ice rink following a practice session before the Olympic trials.

Kerrigan’s rival, Tonya Harding, was later found to be involved in the attack that was carried out by a hitman Harding’s ex-husband hired. As a result, Harding was banned for life by U.S. Figure Skating