Another Classmate Reveals Odd Behavior of Oldest Turpin Boy in College

January 26, 2018Jan 26, 2018

Despite alleged beatings, starvation, imprisonments, and social isolation, the oldest male of the 13 Turpin siblings was allowed to attend a community college — and excelled. Now more classmates are speaking out about his odd behavior there and how it all now makes sense.

For the past six semesters, Louise would drive her oldest son to Mt. San Jacinto College, more than 30 minutes away from their Perris, California neighborhood. Louise would then sit outside his classes and immediately take him home afterward.

Earlier this week, classmate Angie Parra noted that he always wore the same pair of clothes and that she “could see sadness in his face. His eyes — he never wanted to make eye contact with anyone."

She also spoke of a time during a school potluck when he “stood by the table and didn’t sit down with a plate. He literally ate plate after plate after plate.”

Now another former classmate is speaking up, according to Fox News.

Josh Boldt said, “It was kind of odd — not something you see a lot of times, someone that’s really pale. Really malnutritioned kind of looking. He always had this kind of depressive aura about him, if that makes sense, and he really, really kept to himself…He didn’t really open up."

Joe Chermak saw the whole family once when they attended a musical performance at the college a couple years ago.

He recounted, “They all seemed well-behaved. And also, like, they were all in uniforms, so at first I thought it was a group of kids coming from another school. We didn’t really think much of it, but all I know is that they kind of left abruptly in the middle of the show. One of them you could tell from their arm, they were really skinny.”

Despite what has been reported as a horrible home life, the oldest Turpin son was a top-notch student, maintaining a 3.93 GPA. From 2014 to 2016, he did well in English, guitar, and algebra classes. Oddly enough, despite his penchant for not talking, he got good grades in public speaking, too.

In a recent statement, the college said, “We at Mt. San Jacinto College are deeply saddened and horrified to hear the allegations involving these children. Our hearts go out to the victims. MSJC will follow this story and will provide appropriate support from our institution.”

Also recently, a former classmate of the oldest Turpin daughter described her disturbing appearance when she attended grade school and admitted that he and other kids bullied her mercilessly.

Our prayers are with the Turpin siblings as they heal. In related news, neighbors are battling accusations that they’re “monsters” for not reporting the Turpin parents to the police. Here’s how they’re responding.

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