Another Charlie Gard Fights for His Life in U.K.

December 10, 2017Dec 10, 2017

Another baby may have the same fate as Charlie Gard. Alfie Evans desperate parents are battling to save their young son, reported The Sun

Medics at Alder Hey Children's Hospital have launched a legal bid to switch his life support off. They continued their plea despite an Italian hospital agreeing to treat him.

Alfie Evans has been in a coma with a mystery illness for 12 months. Experts don't know exactly what is wrong with the little boy, but they believe he might have the same mitochondrial condition as Charlie Gard.

18-month-old Alfie's father, Thomas, spoke out about how devastating the situation ash been. He says he and Alfie's mother, Kate James, had finally found a hospital abroad willing to treat him.

Thomas, 20, wrote on the Alfie’s Army open Facebook page: “Alder Hey hospital has refused our request to allow Alfie to be transferred to a top European children’s hospital, because they say Alfie must not be allowed to continue living."

He continued, “Even though they stopped trying to obtain a diagnosis and therefore don’t know what is wrong with him, Alder Hey says Alfie’s existence is futile."

Alfie's parents says the hospital has applied to the High Court to remove their parental rights.

"[They want to] end Alfie’s fight for life. We are shocked to say the least," said the parents.

“We now face a tough battle to defend Alfie, and will need all of your support. We are trying to get the hospital to change their minds, and if they don’t we will have to fight for Alfie in court.”

In the petition, Thomas asked that “no threats” be made to the children’s hospital. When Charlie Gard's parents were fighting for his life, threats were made against Great Ormund Street Hospital.

Alfie has been in a coma for around 12 months. His parents say he was perfectly healthy when born, but he started to miss developmental milestones around seven months old.

He started making “jerking, seizure-like movements” and was taken to the doctors. His parents also said he was a “lazy and a late developer."

In December 2016, Alfie caught a chest infection that caused seizures. He was placed on life support.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital told The Sun that they aren't able to comment on the case. However, they added: “We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for the family concerned and we continue to liaise directly with them.

“Alder Hey is a specialist children’s hospital which therefore means we treat many children with often complex, life threatening conditions. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of our clinicians, some of these children are sadly unable to recover from their illness."

They continued, “In such a situation, medical professionals will meet to discuss the most appropriate care plan going forward, focusing on the comfort, wellbeing and best interests of the child concerned...The Trust will often seek advice from specialist clinicians at other trusts. The care plan is always discussed in full with the family to aim to reach agreement between clinicians and parents about the most appropriate care."

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