Anne Graham Lotz Issues Prayer Challenge, Calls for People to Pray for 'Supernatural Unity'

August 07, 2018Aug 07, 2018

Anne Graham Lotz, the the second oldest daughter of Billy Graham, joined other Christian leaders and believers to pray for "supernatural unity." The prayers took place at a conference in Jerusalem.

The Epicenter Prayer Summit in Jerusalem was led by The Joshua Fund on July 11 and 12. The participants included people from the United States, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and other nations. The event came in the midst of high tension in the region, with hundreds of rockets being fired at Israel from Gaza.

Lotz, who leads Angel Ministries, issued a prayer challenge for the war-torn region. Speaking from Daniel 9, she called on people to pray so faithfully that it moves Heavens, changing individuals, groups, and even nations.

"If prayer is hard for you, it's because prayer is hard, OK? One of the things that helps me is if I can find a model prayer in Scripture after which I can pattern my prayers ... Daniel was a man who prayed so powerfully and so effectively that God answered his prayer and a nation was changed," she said.

She was joined by Ronnie Floyd, who is the senior pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas. He also calls for extreme prayer for peace in the Middle East.

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem," he said. "This is what we did throughout the conference. While we always support efforts to establish peace in Israel and Palestine, our confidence is not in any man-brokered deal. We place our confidence in the Prince of Peace and His soon return, who will establish unending peace not only in Jerusalem but in the whole earth."

He continued, "We prayed boldly that peace may reign in Jerusalem and in the most volatile region in the world. And we prayed for supernatural unity that overcomes the most entrenched barriers and divisions," prayed Floyd.

Lotz added a message about the importance of trusting in the faithfulness of God to her call for prayer.

She said, "God is faithful. What testimony can you give of the faithfulness of God in your life? I can tell you, just as God has been faithful to Joel Rosenberg, and just as God has been faithful to Ronnie Floyd, and just as God has been faithful to Billy Graham, and me; just as God has been faithful to your grandmother or your pastor, God will be faithful to you."

"You know how I know that? Because God is faithful. He can't be less than Himself, can He?"

God's faithfulness was shown in the unity that appeared in the conference. In addition to Christian speakers, Muslim and Jewish peoples also spoke.

"The heartbeat of the conference was to come together in unity, seeing walls coming down between all true believers in Jesus through the power of prayer. All of this is so we can be used in a powerful way to communicate the Gospel to all peoples," Floyd explained.

"The testimonies from Jewish and Palestinian believers in Jesus Christ were particularly powerful and encouraging to each of us. The Gospel is more powerful than any barrier we can build."

Please join Anne Graham Lots in praying for peace in the Middle East. Her and Floyd's message is incredibly important.

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