Anne Heche’s Memoir ‘Call Me Crazy’ Selling for Hundreds

Anne Heche.
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In memoriam. Anne Heche’s death following a fiery car crash has fostered a renewed interest in her book, Call Me Crazy — and the price point is steep.

The late star’s 2001 memoir, which detailed her mental health journey, childhood abuse and high-profile relationship with Ellen DeGeneresOne Amazon reseller is selling the book for $749. The book was $26 when it was first published. Publishers Weekly.

The Amazon product is described as a “collectible” that has been “inscribed” by Heche, per the official listing. The price for the book has gone up on other online retailers. The Hollywood ReporterNoting, Monday, August 15, that New York TimesBestseller was on sale for $200 before it went up to $499 on one site over the weekend.

Us WeeklyFriday, August 12th, was confirmed that the Another WorldAfter being left comatose from an accident one week earlier, the alum was declared legally deceased. Fans and friends paid tribute to the actress after her death at 53.

Emily Bregl, for her part, sang Heche’s praises as an actress and an author, bringing to the forefront the brilliance of the Volcano star’s memoir.

Bregl, who was with the Ohio native on Men in Trees, recalled being asked on many occasions, “’You worked with crazy Anne Heche?’ ‘So how crazy was she?’” The Shameless alum, 47, noted via Instagram on Friday that the “curiosity” surrounding Heche was more than “any other famous person” she’s worked with.

She then shared her top answer regarding Heche’s personality on and off-set. “Anne was not only a genius, but one of the most astoundingly focused and prepared actors I’ve ever worked with. I don’t think I ever saw her miss her mark,” Bregl explained. “I asked her what her secret was, and she told me her first job was playing twins on Another World, so she had to memorize up to seventy pages of dialogue a day.”

The England native revealed that she did make one joke about Heche in the past, saying, “it’s likely she didn’t have a psychotic break, but really was an alien, because her strength seemed superhuman.” Bregl recalled the Donnie Brasco actress being “flawless” at work and later pointed out that her memoir was “brilliant” in title and content.

“She beat everyone to the punch. She was talking about mental health before it was acceptable to talk about those struggles,” Heche’s former costar explained of the book. “She was raped by her father, her brother killed himself, and her mother told her she would burn in Hell for loving a woman. Despite a difficult life, she was a joy to be around. She was insouciant, joyous, insightful.”

Bregl confirmed the inflation of Call Me Crazy, telling her followers that she purchased it on Amazon for $200 because “I want to read it again.” She concluded: “She was a true genius, and I miss her. #ripanneheche.”

Heche’s memoir came out one year after she and DeGeneres, 64, called it quits on their three-year romance. They began to see each other in 1997, the year when DeGeneres came out publicly as a lesbian.

The Six Days Seven Nights actress wrote about her past trauma, which included allegedly being raped by her father, Donald Heche, and her brother’s death shortly after their dad’s passing. She also explained that she invented the alter ego of “Celestia” to deal with all of the trauma.

“I’m not crazy. But it’s a crazy life. I was raised in a crazy family and it took 31 years to get the crazy out of me,” the Emmy nominee told Barbara Walters2001 interview for 20/20 “I had a fantasy world that I escaped to. Celestia was my other personality. I believed I was from that universe. I believed that I was from another planet. I think I was insane.”

Anne is survived her two sons, 20 year-old Homer and Homer, whom she shared together with her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, and 13 year-old Atlas, whom she adopted with her ex-boyfriend James TupperMarch 2009

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