Angry Woman Murders Pastor in Front of His Home with His Wife by His Side

April 12, 2019Apr 12, 2019

A terrifying situation has just left one man dead and another person wounded. The event took place in Tennessee and has since made headlines around the nation.

According to police, a local pastor was reportedly gunned down outside of his own home while he was with his wife. A woman approached the couple and began firing a weapon.

"A woman opened fire on a pastor and his wife at their home outside of Memphis, killing Brodes Perry and injuring Tabatha Perry, the Commercial Appeal reports. The woman yelled, 'You broke my heart' as she shot at the couple, police say," accordion to reports.

Officers quickly arrested Latoshia Daniels in connection with the shooting. She is being charged with first-degree murder.

"Daniels, 39, went to the Perry home that night and Tabatha Perry, 42, let her in “because she was an acquaintance that the couple knew while they were living in Little Rock, Arkansas,” according to reports.

However, as the couple was walking Daniels out of their home she unveiled a handgun and began her attack. Many wonder if an extramarital affair had prompted her actions.

“Perry’s wife told police she didn’t know of any affair taking place between the two but Daniels actions made that seem to be a possibility,” according to reports.

Perry was the executive pastor at the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church. Daniels has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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