Angry Goose Takes Down Frightened Teenager, See the Pictures

April 24, 2018Apr 24, 2018

Isaac Couling, a high school student currently attending Concord High School, recently had an embarrassing encounter with an angry goose. The incident was recently caught in photographs and has gone viral. 

Couling and his group were walking down the fairway hole to hole number seven. He and his friends were well aware of a goose nest to their left, which they were looking at as they passed by. The group did not want to anger or frighten the goose, so they tried to keep their distance.

As he walked, Couling looked one way and got caught off guard by the goose.

"They were aware of a goose nest on their left, which they were looking at but not bothering," said Steve Babbitt, the coach of the golf team, "when from behind them and to the right came the guard goose [protecting the nest]."

Pictures show that the high school golfer quickly realized that the angry goose was approaching him. Seeing that the goose was going to attack, Couling began to run. The young man then glanced over his shoulders while running away from the winged bird as it soared in the air to hunt him down.

But he wasn't fast enough. The goose caught up with him and then managed to pin Couling onto the ground. The goose is pictured body slamming the high schooler down on the ground, who landed on his neck with his legs pointing upward toward the sky.

The goose then triumphantly makes sure that the young man doesn't stray near the nest again. 

Babbitt claims that they were aware that the goose nest was on their left but they made sure not to bother it. 

According to one website, the teenager wasn't hurt, but he did seem to be a bit bothered that nobody came to his rescue during the incident. In fact, he told Detroit News that "nobody came to help. All the coaches saw it from the clubhouse." 

"It's pretty crazy," he said. "All my friends were talking about it." 

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