Angelina Jolie’s Kids Supposedly Don’t Approve Of Her Latest Celebrity Suitor, Gossip Claims

Rumours are circulating about Angelina Jolie The Weeknd. It looks like they might be dating, but one report says Jolie’s children are not happy about it. Is there trouble in paradise Gossip Cop investigates.

‘No TGIF While Angie Dates The Weeknd!’

According to the National Enquirer, Jolie’s free-wheeling relationship with The Weeknd is crushing her kids. They wish she would get together with her ex-husband. HackersJonny Lee Miller is her co-star. A source says, “Angelina is sensitive to the kids’ feelings but doesn’t try to hide anything from them, so whenever it’s date night they’re well aware — even though Abel hosts Angie at his place 99 percent of the time.”

Jolie is free to schedule booty calls whenever she has the time. A source calls the romance with the 31-year-old crooner “creepy and kind of embarrassing to the younger generation.” Her children would rather see her date someone her own age. The Weeknd is currently writing songs that seem to confirm a Jolie romance. A source concludes, “Angie doesn’t seem bothered by the song, but the kids aren’t exactly warming to Abel.”

Angelina Jolie is a disgraceful slob.

Nearly all the time, EnquireAngelina Jolie is mentioned in this story. However, it does so with an ironic potshot. It calls her a “cougar,” “love-hungry,” and “scrawny.” The so-called source saying Jolie should “date someone her own age” sound a lot more like an attack than something her actual children would ever say. You can’t take a story seriously when it clearly has a vendetta against its subject.

How in blazes could this tabloid know what Jolie’s kids think? They may be excited at the chance of seeing international megastar The Weeknd. Furthermore, Jolie’s kids range from 20 to 13. They don’t share a single hive mind.

For what it’s worth, it looks like Jolie and Weeknd could actually be a thingJolie and Miller have never had a romantic reuniting. She did make time to visit him in New York City, but it seems that this was an isolated visit with friends and children. If you believe Us Weekly, Jolie is The Weeknd’s ultimate muse.

If there’s one thing we do know for sure, it’s that Angelina Jolie always puts her children first. There’s a reason the custody battle with Pitt is still ongoing: Jolie loves her kids and wants what’s best for them. If they universally reviled The Weeknd, then Jolie probably wouldn’t even be seen with him.

There’s Another Problem

If the Enquire actually did tell accurate Jolie stores, then she’d be dead by now. It has repeated her death in embarrassing stories. It called her hopeless, and undateable. Jolie did not flee the United States, contrary to what it claimed. This tabloid is as erroneous as it gets when it comes to Jolie coverage.

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