Famous TV Reporter Announces She's Having a Baby at 46

January 02, 2019Jan 02, 2019

Dateline correspondent Andrea Canning is going to be a mom again. She announced the exciting news on Dateline's Twitter. 

She revealed the exciting news on New Year's Eve on Monday. This is baby number six for the journalist and her husband.

While this is baby number six, it's boy number one for the couple. The 46-year-old journalist revealed she was having a boy by popping a large balloon.

“In 2019, I’m having a baby! But will it be a boy or a girl? Let’s find out!” Canning starts the sweet clip. “It’s a boy! After five girls, it’s a boy! Happy New Year!” she concludes, laughing.

Canning's husband is USMC Lieutenant Colonel Tony Bancroft. When Canning gives birth in 2019, she and Bancroft will be parents to six kids age 10 and under.

"The Canadian-born journalist welcomed her youngest, Elle Corbin, in June 2015. She’s also mom to Georgia Rapalje, 5 in February, Christina Margaret, 6, Charlotte Brewster, 8½, and Anna Katherine, 9½," reported PEOPLE.

After giving birth to Elle, Canning told Today that she already had so many kids so close in age that she barely noticed a change in her family’s dynamic.


“When you have fewer kids, you notice the difference more … With this many kids, you have to just bounce back. As long as everybody’s healthy — Mom’s healthy, baby’s healthy — you just got to get back into the swing of things,” Canning added.

Congratulations to Canning, Bancroft, and their beautiful family!

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