NFL Star Shares Miraculous Recovery from Cancer: 'My Faith is What Got Me Through This'

October 10, 2018Oct 10, 2018

A young NFL star is currently celebrating his miraculous recovery from cancer. Andre Hall, 36, was previously diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in June of this year.

The safety for the Houston Texans reportedly refused chemotherapy because he did not want to further damage his professional football career. Instead, Hall opted for Rituxan — a less-harsh medication treatment for cancer patients.

According to a CBN News special, Hall experienced some complications with his brain following the treatment, so he transitioned to vitamin C infusions. As a result, the cancer and brain issues were gone.

By the grace of God, Hall is now confirmed to be in remission, according to a recent statement from the Texans. Even though Hall has not been able to suit up this season, his fans still congratulated him on overcoming his cancer battle.

Hall gave all of the glory to God for being healed: “God is everything. My faith is what has gotten me through this.”

It is unclear if and when Hall will return to the field. Updates will be added as they are released to the public.

Watch the CBN News video below for more information:

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