An Indestructible Love - Tested By a Suicide Bomber

May 26, 2015May 26, 2015

While on deployment in Baghdad in 2004, Staff Sergeant Todd King (US Air Force, retired) was caught in the blast of a suicide bomb attack.  Shrapnel covered his body.  Blindness coated his eyes and deafness muted his ears.

Todd’s girlfriend, Laci had a bad feeling regarding this particular deployment, saying that “This one felt different.  I never had peace about that deployment”.  Despite the physical and mental state that the blast left Todd in; Laci stood by her man.   They were married seven months after the attack and have two beautiful children.  

Their love for each other and support from Operation Heal Our Patriots has pulled Todd out of a dark place and proven that love is a sacred thing that can’t be destroyed from outside.