Amount of Money Raised for Reality Winner is Outrageous...and Rosie O’Donnell Contributed

June 09, 2017Jun 09, 2017

Reality Winner, a former government contractor as an Air Force linguist who spoke Arabic and Farsi, is currently in custody after being accused of leaking top-secret, classified information to an unidentified online news source.

Recently, it has also been discovered that her ultimate plan was to ‘burn down the White House, travel to Afghanistan, and pledge her allegiance to the Taliban’. Winner pleaded ‘not guilty’ to all charges on Thursday, then was denied bail because authorities believe she may attempt to flee the country before her trial, if she is released.

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Many people of the country are frightened by her actions, but others are supporting her. Among Winner’s supporters include liberal comedian and Trump hater, Rosie O’Donnell.

A GoFundMe page was started to assist with Winner’s ‘loss of wages, counseling from this traumatic experience and to be able to recover from this as [she] rebuilds her life’. O’Donnell contributed $1,000 next to over 600 other donors. She also shared her support for Winner on Twitter.

The total raised for Reality Winner’s campaign is over $28,000 and growing rapidly, which puts the fundraising campaign more than half way to the goal of $50,000.