Amidst Huge Accusations Against Trump, Franklin Graham Makes a Very Strong Statement

May 17, 2017May 17, 2017


President Trump has always had his critics and enemies. But it seems that there are more right now than ever. He is being accused of some major things, from leaking classified intel to the Russians to firing Comey in a way that would open the door to impeachment. 

Even some of Trump's supporters are backing out, saying they made a mistake. But not Franklin Graham: Amidst the great controversy surrounding President Trump, Graham makes an incredibly strong statement in support of him. 


The media is making it look like literally all Americans hate Trump. But the comments to Graham's post show that there are still many Americans who value Trump as their president. 


What do you think about all the controversy surrounding President Trump? And what do you think of his work to release this Christian missionary?

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