Amidst Accusations, Here's The Truth About Tim Allen's Past

May 17, 2017May 17, 2017


Tim Allen's wildly popular conservative sitcom, Last Man Standing, was suddenly cancelled by ABC last week. Fans are very upset, claiming the network axed the show because of its conservative, Christian, and pro-Trump undertones. 

But others are blaming Tim Allen's past and low rating amongst a younger demographic for the drop. So what is the truth about Allen's past? Does the now conservative comedian have skeletons in the closet? 

Allen wouldn't consider them skeletons, and neither would we, as he has been very open about his past hurts and mistakes--and about how he turned to God. We see Allen as a relatable person--with mistakes like all of us--who has been healed by God's love. 

It began when Allen's father was tragically killed by a drunk driver when Tim was only 11-years-old. Allen felt guilty for the death, thinking that if he had only prayed harder, it wouldn't have happened. 

The tragedy led Allen down a dark path of substance abuse, and he was arrested for possession of over 650 grams (1.43 lb) of cocaine. "Allen pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges, and was released after serving two years and four months in federal prison," shares Q Political

But after his time in prison, Allen turned to God, whom he lovingly refers to as "The Builder." 

“I always do ask — whoever put me here; The Builder — what did You want me to do?  I just want a relationship with Whoever built me. This is too much; too weird that it happened by accident. I don’t believe that I happened by accident.”


Through over a decade of sobriety, Allen has been able to enjoy being a father and husband. He shared:

"I used to live an isolated existence, even in relationships, but now my family knows me for who I really am. Mostly, that’s a good thing… Yesterday I was swimming with my 3 year-old, and I looked up and thought, ‘How wonderful this world is.’ We’re always searching for something, but it’s going to be all right. Stop fretting so much."

"Seeing the worst parts of my behavior helped me to understand the better parts. So while I’m still more anxious than I want to be most of the time, I’m far less anxious than I used to be. I was doing comedy clubs, concerts, movies and TV, and didn’t ever realize how fatigued I was or how much I was missing in my life.”

Part of the suspicion behind the cancellation of Last Man Standing is Allen's support of Trump. He shared: "I think it’s funny because Donald Trump is kind of in the spirit of old Greek tyrants where they used to vote in a guy that had no encumbrances."

“So the smartest thing about him, which is probably most overlooked, to me, is that he doesn’t owe anybody anything and if he would just stick to fixing the bridges, roads and infrastructures that’s what he knows how to do…just keep him doing that.”

Many are threatening to boycott ABC over the cancellation. Conservative viewers are taking it as a slap in the face. As for us, we love Tim Allen and all God has done in his life. Everyone has made mistakes, right? 

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