Amid Extreme Backlash, Pres. Trump Reveals the 1 Thing No One is Talking About

June 20, 2018Jun 20, 2018

Over the past several days, the mainstream media has been working overtime to discuss the ongoing immigration crisis. Rather than talk about the policies that are in need of change or the work that Congress could do to try to mend a longterm problem, however, the media has been focused on turning people against President Trump over an issue that is not being portrayed completely accurately.

The main issue that has been discussed at length over the last several days is the idea of families being separated at the border. Many Americans have been speaking out, saying that it is never appropriate under any circumstances to separate families. The current administration, however, has pointed out that the separation only occurs when the families are participating in illegal activity and that they could prevent it if they wanted to.

Several prominent voices have spoken out regarding the topic, with strong opinions on both sides of the spectrum. Recently, Former First Lady Laura Bush penned an op-ed claiming that this administration has a huge moral dilemma on their hands and that they need to work to find another solution.

After that, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders spoke out in regard to Bush’s statement. She pointed out that it was under her husband,  President Bush’s,  administration that this issue was escalated. Sanders noted that it was the Trafficking Victims Prevention Reauthorization Act, signed into law in 2008, that stirred the pot. She said that this administration is simply trying to fix it.

On Tuesday, Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen spoke out about the topic. She released simple statements giving an accurate representation of the issue at hand.

On early Wednesday morning, after he had already posted several tweets about the issue, President Trump commented on the main thing that the “Fake News” has been ignoring when reporting on the immigration crisis.

He said, “The Fake News is not mentioning the safety and security of our Country when talking about illegal immigration. Our immigration laws are the weakest and worst anywhere in the world,  and the Dems will do anything not to change them & to obstruct-want open borders which means crime!”

Sarah Sanders had previously said that while President Trump does want there to be a different solution than separating families, the country's safety is the most important thing.

Do you agree with President Trump’s assessment? Let us know your thoughts on this entire situation! 

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