American Literary Classic ‘Animal Farm’ Coming to the Big Screen by Streaming Co.

August 01, 2018Aug 01, 2018

Netflix has announced that it has acquired the rights to George Orwell’s literary class “Animal Farm,” and has already hired its director.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Andy Serkis, the director who brought us "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," will direct the film and will be produced by Matt Reeves, Rafi Crohn and Adam Kassan. Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish will also help in the production.

“Animal Farm” was published by Orwell in 1945 as an allegorical tale depicting the Communist Revolution of 1917 and the Stalinist Regime. High schools across the country read it as part of their curriculum.

The premise of “Animal Farm” details a group of animals who rebel against the humans who own their farm and win their independence. The purpose, according to the leaders, is to create a utopian society based on equality.

But a pig, named Napoleon, twists the premise of the revolution until he declares that “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” That tenet is one of seven the leaders of the rebellion espouse before their farm erodes into a dystopia.

“We are incredibly excited to have finally found the perfect creative home in Netflix for this extraordinarily zeitgeist work by George Orwell,” Serkis said in a statement.

“On top of that, to be re-united with my great friend Matt Reeves — with his acute sensitivity, storytelling intelligence and honesty and command in this realm — is to have the very best scenario for our long-held passion to bring this fable alive,” he added.

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