'American Idol' Judge Gets Wave of Angry Fans for Horrible Decision on Hit Show

April 02, 2019Apr 02, 2019

American Idol is one of the most iconic talent shows in recent memory. The series focuses on aspiring singers as they pursue their dream of fame through a massive head-to-head competition.

Luke Bryan has been a fan-favorite judge in recent years. He represents the country music genre and has helped a lot of contestants progress in their careers. However, Bryan is now under fire for deciding to kick out a specific contestant recently.

Luke Bryan kicked Nick Townsend off his team during the elimination rounds. Fans were sad to see him go, especially because of his background.

"'The reason that I'm here today is for my brothers,' Townsend explained to the judges during his audition, revealing that he lost both of his siblings — Zack and Matt, who had taken their lives. A YouTube video of his audition has racked up nearly 2 million views since it was posted on March 3," reported Fox News.

Luke was clearly torn up about the decision. He was almost in tears as he let the contestant know he was the next to leave the show.

"This is a tough one, it's very heavy on our hearts to let you know that you're not in our top 20. Man, we want to lift you up and let you understand that you are tremendously talented. Do not slow down in this musical dream," Bryan said to Townsend.

After he was cut from the show, fans flooded Nick with encouraging words on social media. Many told him he was extremely talented and to never give up on his dreams.

Critics took to Bryan and condemned him for letting go of Nick. This was clearly tough on Luke and it may be his toughest decision yet on the show.

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